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Welcome to my web site where I showcase my contemporary automata, animatronics and wooden artworks.
All my art is created from common hardwoods, mainly beech, ash, american cherry and lime wood.
The different woods are chosen for strength, fineness of grain and natural beauty.
Hardwoods are pleasant materials to work with but present an interesting challenge in making durable complex mechanisms and pieces out of a natural material.
Many of my automata have complicated mechanisms which take months of design and experimentation to develop and I then produce them in small batches of 2 or 3 pieces, available for sale on this site and also in my Etsy shop. Some automata are held in stock, others are made to order. I also consider commissions.
The intention of this site is to show my work but also to share the tips and methods that I have discovered whilst making them to help others start in automata making, a fascinating and diverting art.

I hope that you enjoy exploring my site. I apologise if some of the deeper pages are not yet well formatted. I am working on improvements.

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Philip Lowndes


13 March 2022. I had a couple of Llamas waiting to be finished. I have now completed them, a gold one and a silver one. These will probably be the last 2 of these as the Llama takes such a long time to make, which is a pity as I find the finished item particularly pleasing to look at.
Available in my shop

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12 March 2022. Just finished a batch of "In My Humble Opinion".
Available in the shop.

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I've just completed a commission for an animated donation box for the Milestones-Living History Museum in Basingstoke.

More information on the Milestones Donation Box

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