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I puzzled for a long time over how best to attach the controls for the head and eyes and I have now implemented the ideas below. Having got this far I have decided to put this project on hold.
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The challenge has been that as the man is not static it is difficult to attach controls for the head and eyes without them being affected by movement of the body. The figure is only fixed by the feet and the left hand. It has movement in the hips for the body to bend over (1). The hips also move in and out (2) as the lever in the right hand is pulled.
I originally envisaged putting the controls in the stomach. However this would be obtrusive and also limit movement.
The solution I have eventually come up with is to bring the controls right through the body with a tube for the head with a central wire for the eyes.
The bending movement of the hips is negated by bending the control rods up to be level with the hip joints.
The backwards and forwards movement of the hips is more difficult and can only be minimised by making the control rod levers as long as possible so that the movement of the hip causes less rotation of the control. This would not have been possible if I have put them in the body as there would have been insufficient room.
See the picture below for more clarification
The head mechanism is the red tube going up through the body. The eye mechanism is the green rod going up the tube. The 2 control wires curve each side of the body coming up to be level with the hip joint.
automata sculptris
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This project is currently sitting on a shelf, discontinued, but I leave the topics accumulated to date for information on techniques.