Tick bird visits the museum

William the hippopotamus is one of the most popular residents of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
He is an Egyptian figurine dating from the1800’s BC.
The original is ceramic, this one is carved from lime wood and painted with gesso and acrylics.
Naturally, any tick bird visiting a museum would head for the hippopotamus!
2 photographs of the original. You can see why he is so popular.
The frame is made from birch plywood and beech. .
All the fittings are turned from brass to give extra smooth running and an internal gear is used to keep the base compact.
This highly decorative automaton is very smooth running.
Height 22cms, (8.5 inches)
Length 12 cms (4.5 inches)
Width 7.5 cms (3 inches)

Available for purchase for £230
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